Hello there!

I am Unnati. You can call me Unnu.

I am obsessed with stories, as I believe they shape the world. I like to imagine that transportation was invented so lovers could meet easily, and planes were invented so we could feel what birds feel, even for a while. Stories inspire emotions, emotions inspire invention, and the way this world is shaping up, it’s almost overwhelming the scope of inventing, keeping more stories alive, making more stories.

As a user researcher, I believe I am in the right position to understand and inspire better invention, better design, and a better way to live this precious life.

Which reminds me that this precious life is an equal right for neurodivergent folks, and being someone with ADHD, I have come to understand that just a little bit of effort to make something accessible to all makes a huge difference in someone’s life.

I enjoy helping products and companies in building strategies through exploratory research and making product better through Usability testing, so it can serve both the creators and the users.

I am also working on an idea for a visual reminder for ADHD folks, which I feel would also be a great tool for neurotypical folks as well.

I like to read, learn more, play a lot of games, make a lot of friends, and drink a lot of cocktails, and I think this is a lot of description of who I am. In case you want to get to know me, feel free to contact me. I would love to know about you too.